Enhancing Spare Parts Systems for Lely’s Robots

At Lely

Established in 1948, Lely is a leading manufacturer of robots and data systems for dairy farming, recognized globally for its quality and service. Operating in over 40 countries with production facilities in Maassluis and Pella (US), Lely maintains a strong focus on sustainability while ensuring high-quality standards. Despite the lifelong guarantee expected for Lely’s machinery, the rapid innovation of their products, particularly the Astronaut milking robot, has led to a scarcity of spare parts for older models.

To address these challenges, Graduate Consulting has developed a comprehensive obsolescence management approach. By adopting the strategic actions and leveraging the insights provided by Graduate Consulting, Lely can significantly improve the lifetime and circularity of its Astronaut A3 robots, ensuring continued customer loyalty and compliance with regulatory requirements.


Team Lely

Fleur Meijer

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David Janssen

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Coco Polderman


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