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At Graduate Consulting, we are constantly looking for new talent to join our team. 

Are you ready to move your career forward?  

  • Are you a driven master’s student looking to excel at one of the prestigious universities in the Netherlands?
  • Do you have a solid foundation in consulting, complemented by a diverse range of extracurricular experiences?
  • Are you passionate about sharpening your skills and developing your career within the consulting industry? 

Let’s connect!

Our projects start at four different times throughout the year, but your interest is always welcome. Are you curious about our application process or interested in a project with us? If so, feel free to contact us. Send us an email and we can schedule a chat or phone call to discuss your options further. Even better, if you’re near Rotterdam, consider visiting our office at Micolab Rotterdam. Let’s get in touch about the possibility of becoming a consultant at Graduate Consulting.

Your future in consulting continues here!