Aligning Fastned’s Executive Team with Global Strategic Direction

At Fastnet

The project conducted for Fastned aimed to rejuvenate the executive team’s dynamics by aligning each member with the company’s global strategic direction. Through in-depth interviews with Fastned’s executive team and key stakeholders, the project delved into their current vision, providing valuable insights.

The project team crafted an internal strategy framework to systematically document the company’s internal strategy, offering guidance on navigating potential misalignments in stakeholders’ ideas. The strategic overview, presented to the executive team, led to pivotal decisions on the go-to strategy for the charging stations.

The team takes pride in the successful presentation of their work to Fastned’s Executive team, receiving positive feedback. The project’s analytical approach, assessing differences in stakeholder opinions, was complemented by the team’s flexibility as students, enabling the conduct of 31 interviews in just three weeks.

Team Fastnet

David Janssen

Advisory Board

Jop van Teeffelen

Co-Founder | Advisory Board

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