Strategic Insights for Kongsberg Maritime in the Digital Era

At Kongsberg

The project conducted for Kongsberg Maritime was a comprehensive exploration of the maritime industry, aiming to guide the company in maximizing growth and profitability amid evolving market dynamics. The initiative involved extensive desk research, combining insights from academic experts, major industry competitors, and disruptive startups. Internal knowledge within the firm was also tapped for a holistic perspective.

Three key market developments were identified, shaping Kongsberg’s strategic focus for the upcoming years. The team delved into emerging technologies, presenting their findings to the European management team in Poland. The project’s significance was highlighted by the team’s visit to Poland for an in-depth presentation, showcasing the recognition of their extensive analysis within the maritime industry.

The team’s background as technical students played a pivotal role, enabling them to leverage their network of professors for industry insights. This, coupled with their agility in contacting competitors, provided a unique advantage in understanding and addressing new developments in the maritime sector.

Team Kongsberg

Ruben Lee


Lucas Moorlag


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