Optimizing ASML’s Re-use Process


The project undertaken for ASML aimed to identify pain points and gaps within their existing processes and workstreams, particularly focusing on the reliability of the Re-use process output to enable ASML’s cross-sectoral Re-use department to function effectively as a supplier within the broader Supply Chain.

The project team, with its young and external perspective, played a crucial role in outlining differences and incorporating critical opinions from all stakeholders. The approach involved facilitating a workshop session with all stakeholders, led by the project team, to align ideas and opinions. This not only fostered collaboration but also significantly increased the efficiency of the Re-use departments’ operations.

The outcomes of the project reflect a successful effort to enhance ASML’s Re-use process, fostering seamless integration within the broader Supply Chain and promoting a more collaborative and efficient working environment across teams and departments.



Tomas Heemskerk


Tim Steenbrink

Co-Founder | Advisory Board

Hylke de Vries

Advisory Board

Bruun de Jong


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