Strategic Expansion Analysis for Air Liquide

At Air Liquide

The project undertaken for Air Liquide aimed to pinpoint the European countries most conducive to the successful and profitable expansion of hydrogen production and distribution, specifically for heavy-duty mobility applications. Initial steps involved interviews with Nordic stakeholders, comprehensive mapping of PESTLE drivers, and the identification of opportunities in existing and emerging mobility industries. To facilitate the decision-making process, a bespoke Excel data analytics tool was created to systematically evaluate countries based on various criteria.

The project culminated in the strategic selection of countries poised for growth, accompanied by the formulation of a corresponding growth strategy. The Excel tool, built from scratch, empowered Air Liquide to make informed decisions regarding further expansions. The project’s success is underscored by the recognition received from Air Liquide’s PR team, which plans to publish an article on various social media channels, acknowledging the impactful work of the project team. The project embraced a highly quantitative approach, validating hypotheses from the hydrogen team and delivering an analytical tool in Excel to identify areas with the greatest potential.

Team Air Liquide

Sophie Vlaar


Nienke Feirabend


Ewoud van Mourik


David Drost


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